About Us

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, innovative, and integrated technical and operational solutions to military, governmental, and commercial customer organizations.

Three components of the SDS mission statement define our unique focus: a comprehensive methodology, a culture of innovation, and solutions that integrate all aspects of operations. Together, they make us the service provider of choice for the world's leading military and governmental organizations.

Our core business areas include education and training, test and evaluation, technical consulting, and modeling and simulation services. The wide range of our expertise provides our clients with a deep reservoir of experience and capability. We are proud of our ability to hire the best in these fields, and our military background allows us to bring the most salient aspects of this experience to the customers we serve.
Innovation is the engine that drives our operations. The unique nature of our customer's work requires that we keep them ahead of their competition. To SDS, innovation is neither a buzzword nor an excuse to chase cutting-edge technologies that will never meet the operational needs of our customers. We remain true to our solid, operations-based foundation-we support the warfighters by providing them with solutions that meet the needs of the mission for today and tomorrow.
SDS maintains a competency unique for a small business-systems integration. We believe that breadth is as important as depth in operations, and we seek the best partners industry-wide to provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. The financial strength of our company coupled with our small size yields unparalleled ability to proactively adapt to and meet the needs of a technological dynamic business environment.